This website contains the commonly used techniques of tattoos in full (I also use this techniques) with texts, images and videos. I give a chance for my subscribers in a form of a private forum to ask.

I started this course with the intention to help those talented and dedicated people, who would like to learn the craft of tattooing or improve their existing techniques.

Unfortunately, a lot of talented people are neglected because they do not know where to start, or simply the experts do not answer their questions.

To avoid misunderstanding, this website does not give drawing talent to anyone; you can just find here tricks and techniques for tattooing.

Tattoo equipment is just a kind of device, such as oil or pastel, therefore it is essential for you to have drawing skills, because everything is based on that. If you have these skills, you can learn the techniques.

I have been building this website for more than two years, and it contains nearly 160 videos, more than 700 images and a lot of texts. It starts from the basic level, and ends in colourful realism. It means, that anybody-who has not known anything about this profession so far, but talented aspirant-can learn this profession , and also an experienced colleague can improve his techniques.

I have held courses and seminars in many countries, but I have realized that in this way I can answer the questions more easily. Unfortunately, experts belonged to this profession usually keep inside their techniques, or they do not have time to teach students. Those experts holding courses in some cases would need courses as well, so a lot of people cannot go higher or further than a certain level.

The whole website is translated into 6 languages, but t is planned to increase this number as well as the continuous updating of the content.

As for the structure, I divided the website into two main parts: theory and practice. Both parts contain parts based on each other, so to understand everything it is necessary to learn them from the beginning of the theory to the end of practice in order. The curriculum of the theory is based on the texts, the images and the videos explain the theory.

The practice is based on videos, the explaining texts and images are found separately, below them.

So the website consists of theoretical and practical parts, closely built on each other. Total price of the course is 550 EUR. It contains all parts, and after the payment the website has been available for six months.

As a matter of fact, this website is a kind of education reform in tattooing. The advantages of it over personal courses:

  • you do not have to go anywhere, it does not matter where you live, you can get it
  • you can repeat and review a chapter anytime, so your knowledge will be deeper, than listening to the material once on a personal course. As I experienced, it flies away soon
  • you can learn according to your mood, inspiration and timetable
  • the price is much lower, than prices for the courses
  • you will have access to the material for half a year, so later, during the work, or before the work you can revise some material to be connected to your current work
  • after your payment you can ask questions via facebook personally, and we can keep in touch
  • this website contains all of the techniques and tricks used by myself

But keep in mind: like painting, tattooing is not just about techniques. The theoretical bases and the technical knowledge can be taught, but to become a prominent tattooist innate talent is essential.

I think all people were born to do something , and for doing this they have special abilities. The problem is that a lot of people cannot find his way, and they choose different ways. That is why we can see a lot of unacceptable work on other people, or on ourselves.

If somebody starts to tattoo, he needs to ask the question whether I was born for this or not. If the answer ’yes’, this page can help a lot.

Good luck!

müllner csaba